Portland Chapter Photo Gallery

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Portland Chapter and SAR Group in the Hollywood Veteran's Day Parade 2019

Portland Chapter December Meeting - McMenamins Kennedy School 2018

Portland Chapter Welcoming New Members - January 2019 Meeting

Portland Chapter Member Dorothy Madden OSSDAR State Award for Services to Veterans January 2019

Portland Chapter is part of the 2018 Veteran's Day Parade in the Hollywood District

The Sons of the American Revolution participates in the 2018 Veteran's Day Parade

Portland Chapter Group Photo - Members & Associates 2017

Portland Chapter - OSSDAR State Conference 2015 - with President General, Lynn Young

Eastmoreland Golf Club - Portland Chapter's past Meeting Place - Now we meet at Der Rheinlander on Sandy

Portland Chapter at 2013 OSSDAR State Conference with President General Merry Ann Wright and State Regent Ellen Hopkins

Portland Chapter DAR Members Dorothy Madden & Teresa Kasner put Constitution Display in VA Hospital 2012

Portland Chapter DAR Members pose before marching in the 2011 Hollywood District Veteran's Day Parade

Portland Chapter DAR Members & a Wahkeena Chapter member plus her HODAR,
and others at the 2011 Memorial Day Parade as part of the Rose Festival, Portland OR

Portland Chapter DAR Members & HODARs plus Tualatin Chapter members, one Wahkeena Chapter Member
and Speeds Towing driver at the 2010 Veteran's Day Parade in the Hollywood District, Portland OR

Portland Chapter DAR Members & Associates at OSSDAR State Conference 2010 - Salishan Resort, Oregon Coast

From L: Celeste Cox, Teresa Kasner, Terry Maloney, Leslie Hatcher, Nedra Brill, Gretchen Martin,
Vice Regent, Portland Chapter, Mary Ann Spear, Lillian Eaton Stewart, State Regent, Mickey Sieracki,
Roberta Mills, Sandy Diederich, Dorothy Madden, LeAnn Hickox, Gayle-Ann Johnson & Perri Parker.

Portland Chapter 80th Anniversary Tea - held on February 27, 2010 at the Historic Fort Vancouver in the Red Cross Building.

Portland Chapter posing before participating in the 2009 Hollywood District Veteran's Day Parade.
2 SAR members pose with Chapter members (from left) Dorothy Madden, Carol Newman, Barbara Ramsey,
Dayle Kasner (HODAR), Teresa Kasner, Roberta Mills, Speeds Tow Driver, his wife and kids and Grier Ingebretsen.

Portland Chapter Members at State Conference 2009

Chapter Members at State Conference 2009 (1st picture - Nedra *WAS* in this one.)

Chapter Member Jeanette Kloos receives the Historic Preservation Medal Award, nominated by Regent Teresa Kasner at State Conference 2009

Regent Dena Iverson's Grandson, Brandon Geiger, receives the American History Essay Award.

Portland Chapter Members lead the Pledge of Allegience at the Oneonta Tunnel Grand Re-Opening on March 21, 2009

Portland Chapter Members attend the Oneonta Tunnel Grand Re-Opening Ceremony on March 21, 2009

Portland Chapter Members enjoy the December Meeting & Party at McMenamin's Edgefield in Troutdale, OR

Portland Chapter Members with 3 HODAR & kids - at the 2008 Veteran's Day Parade in Hollywood Area, Portland, OR

Portland Chapter Members on the back of a Speeds Tow Truck - Roberta's neighbor donated the truck and driver!

JoAnne & Marine Veteran HODAR Lester Cummings in the back of Dayle & Teresa's truck.

Portland Chapter Regent, Teresa Kasner

Nedra & HODAR John Brill have Barbara Ramsey & Carol Newman riding in the back

Portland Chapter Members enjoy lunch after the Veterans Day parade at Laurelwood pub.

Portland Chapter hosted at the Portland Yacht Club for luncheon by Regent Teresa Kasner, member of PYC

Portland Chapter Members at State Conference 2008
Front from Left: Sandra Diederich, Vice Regent Perri Parker, President General Linda Gist Calvin, State Regent, Bev Przybyslki, Chapter Regent Teresa Kasner, Shirley Bronte, Tomie Schmidt. 2nd Row: Jo Ann Cummings, Lorna Bates, Gayle-Ann Johnson, Mickey Sieracki, Barbara Ramsey, Carol Newman, Leslie Hatcher, BJ Westby. 3rd Row: Roberta, Celeste Cox, April Bullard, Beverly Ramsey, Janice Daniels, Nancy Matheny, LeAnn Hickox, Dorothy Madden and Nedra Brill.

Portland Chapter's 2008 Historic Preservation Medal Award Winner - Barbara Peck
From left: Teresa Kasner, Portland Chapter Regent, Ellen Hopkins, American Heritage Chair, Barbara Peck, HP Medal winner,

Bev Przybylski, State Regent and Linda Gist Calvin, President General NSDAR. (NOTE: Ms. Peck is recognized for saving Portland's Pittock Mansion)

Portland Chapter members shown in front of their meeting place, Albertina Kerr Center, at the last meeting of the season.

Chapter members at a crafts workshop - working on a quilt.

New members being "pinned" - from left, Laurel Delwiche, Anne Hargens, Regent Teresa Kasner, Frances Hargens & Jeanette Kloos

Portland Chapter's new meeting space, the "Garden Room" at Albertina Kerr Center presided by Regent Teresa Kasner

Presenting Wilda with her "Friendship Quilt" - signed by many DAR members, made by Sara & Ann Reed. Dec 23 07
Front - Wilda, Back from Left, Ann, Sara, Mickey, Teresa, Roberta and Dorothy - Wilda was thrilled!!

December 2007 Meeting arranged by Regent Teresa Kasner at the Hotel DeLuxe, Portland. Nearly 50 members, associates, guests, state officers and HODARs attended!

Quilting Bee held at Lorna Bate's home - from left, JoAnne, Lorna, Perri, Shirley & Teresa - all finished their stocking!

Field Trip! Confluence Project - Portland Chapter ladies dining at the Grant House Restaurant at Fort Vancouver, WA
From Left: BJ, Sara, Barbara, Teresa, Perri, Ann, Marcia and Dorothy.

Teresa and her old friend, Lillian Pitt, designer of the art installed in the "Land Bridge" from Fort Vancouver to the Columbia River.

The artful gate welcoming you to the Land Bridge - 2 carved canoe paddles, a glass mask on both sides by Lillian Pitt.
On either side of the poles are columnar basalt columns with petroglyphs done by Lillian Pitt herself!

From left: BJ, Perri, Barbara, Jeanette, Teresa, Dorothy & Marcia.
Learn more about the Confluence Project - click Here - then click on "Project Sites" and scroll to "Fort Vancouver..."

Portland Chapter "Parade Unit" in 2007 Veteran's Day Parade in Portland's Hollywood District

Portland Chapter Marchers in Veteran's Day Parade

Nedra driving red car and her husband John, marching

Left, Janice Daniel's son, center, Dayle Kasner & his Viet Nam service medals & right, Dale Daniels

Fall Petroglyph Tour 2007 - Chapter Members, 3 HODAR & 1 Guest pose under "She-Who-Watches"

Portland Chapter members hiking to see the Petroglyphs in Washington along the Columbia River. Photo Courtesy of Sara Reed.

Portland Chapter members (and others) posing after lunch at the Lyle Hotel. Photo Courtesy of Peri Muhich.

Portland Chapter Swears in 8 new members at the October meeting 2007

Portland Chapter Officers 2007-2009 get "Sworn In" by State Regent, Bev Przybylski
From Left: Gretchen, Nedra, Sandy, Billie Jo, Barbara, Wilda, Perri, Teresa & Bev

Portland Chapter Members, Associate Members & Prospective Members enjoy a Summer Luncheon hosted by Regent Teresa Kasner at Portland Yacht Club

Portland Chapter Members at the OSSDAR State Conference 2007 in Wilsonville

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